We Remove Barriers with our Emotional Thinking process

Emotional Thinking is a process that helps companies sell more of their products/services by identifying how the customer’s buying decision is shaped around emotion.

Emotional Thinking aligns a company’s brand, product/service, ideal audience and culture along an emotionally charged axis that drives a company’s product design, marketing and sales strategy.

Emotional Thinking was created in the US for European companies. Its process includes several steps among which the Digital Expedition, Strategy Lab and Branding Lab designed by American branding, sales and marketing experts supported by neuroscience and audience segmentation experts.

Emotion drives our decisions. Stringcan guides companies on how to understand the emotion around their company to drive success.

There are barriers to entering the US market. Focusing on the right elements of the consumer experience is key to a successful launch. Emotional Thinking allows you to remove these barriers.

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