Jason McDonald

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Director and Co-Founder


Born in the United States, Jason McDonald now lives in Paris and is the co-founder and Director of Stringcan, a digital transformation and communication agency - focused on removing barriers between people and technology - with offices in the US and Paris. 

Jason is very active in the Paris business community. He serves as an Executive Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce  where he Chairs NextGen. He is also the founder of the event series Startups Calling. Moreover, Jason is a passionate teacher and a frequent public speaker. Some of his appearances include: VivaTech (2016, Paris), La French Touch Conference (2016, New York), BNP Paribas International Hackathon (Paris 2016), the Family (2016, Paris), the ESSEC Executive Program (2015, 2016 Paris), and the Paris Founders Event (2015, 2016 Paris) amongst many others.

A few videos

Paris is a special place and this is a special time for the French startup culture. Recently on a visit to Paris, Cicso’s John Chambers told me, ‘It’s time to double down on France.’ And that’s exactly what we plan to do.
— frobes.com - Jason Mcdonald by Shellie Karabell