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Passionate Teacher and Public Speaker at the following events:
- Viva Tech (2016, Paris)
- La French Touch Conference (2016, New York)
- BNP Paribas International Hackathon (Paris 2016)
- European Hotel Manager Association General Meeting (Cyprus 2016)
- Connected Conference (2016, Paris)
- Hire Conference (2016, Paris)
- Spend Conference (2016, Paris)
- The Family (2016, Paris)
- Paris Founders Event (2015, 2016 Paris)
- ESSEC Executive Program (2015, 2016 Paris)
- International Pitch Competition (2016 Paris)
- Audencia Business School (2015, 2016 Paris)
- European Hotel Manager Association General Meeting (Geneva 2015)
…(and more)

Jason McDonald

Director and Co-Founder of Stringcan

Consulting agency based in Paris, Stringcan offers clients services on 3 levels. We connect corporations with startups that are looking to work with one another in the tech scene. We help startups expand to the US market by leveraging our sister office in the US. We believe that if a startup wants to succeed in the long run, they have to focus on global expansion from day one! Finally our company not only helps startups, but produces market research for established companies who want to establish their business in the US. We are here to help you grow!

From a small town in Arizona, Jason has set up his base in Paris as the Co-Founder of Stringcan and is currently juggling various business volunteering roles. Not only an active member of the Board of Directors in the American Chamber of Commerce, he is also the founder and co-chair of Am Cham's Next Gen. Jason is also the founder of the series StartupCalling - an event that helps French startups go further by providing advice from successful startups around the world. 

Apart from managing various business activities, Jason is an avid public speaker and a passionate teacher. Follow Jason's volunteer business activities on Stringcan's YouTube channel Stringcan Studio.


Volunteer Business Activities:
- Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce
- Founding Co-Chair of AmCham's NextGen
- Founder of the event series Startups Calling

Is featured in:
- Forbes
- NY Times
- rudebaguette
- Enterprises
- Succeed In Paris Region
- Les Echos


Paris is a special place and this is a special time for the French startup culture. Recently on a visit to Paris, Cicso’s John Chambers told me, ‘It’s time to double down on France.’ And that’s exactly what we plan to do.
— - Shellie Karabell