We Remove Barriers Between Startups, Established Companies & the US Market

The innovative sector is a global market with a high growth potential in the US. Dynamic European companies realize they need to focus on expanding globally from day one in order to build world changing solutions and products.

As an American consultancy with extensive knowledge of the US market, having partners established in the US who specialized in branding, sales and marketing, we are able to provide the right tools to startups and mid-sized companies who want to succeed in the US.

Your success on the US market – or in any market -  does not solely depend on the quality of your product. A prerequisite to success is to emotionally connect your product with your clients’ needs and desires. This is where Stringcan provides expertise and support.

We work with these companies to understand their ideal audience, competitors, and industry in the US so that they can best use technology to grow their company in a massive market.

Convincing takes persuasion. Persuading involves an emotional process. Stringcan a unique technique called Emotional Thinking.  


In 2013, CroisiEurope launched the first major online marketing effort in the U.S. to create brand awareness and increase the number of American customers aboard our cruises. Stringcan played a big role in developing our U.S. digital strategy by helping us identify our ideal American customers, and how best to connect with and influence this audience through SEO, PPC and content. We now have more Americans on board and are looking forward to continued success in this market.
CroisiEurope in the USA