Pitch in the Plane with OpenSkies

The first transatlantic, 40,000ft in the air startup pitch competition…ever!


La French Touch Conference Mission

For year three of La French Touch Conference in New York the organizers wanted to expand their mission of creating a bridge between the US and France, create some buzz and do something they could call their own. It had never been done before but La French Touch Conference created Pitch in the Plane. In partnership with OpenSkies, they created the world’s first inflight, international startup pitch competition. 

As an American agency in Paris with a close relationship with the French startup eco-system Stringcan was uniquely positioned to support La French Touch to organize, manage and execute Pitch in the Plane.

When seeking a partner who could add some American flare, knew the startup ecosystem and worked as hard as La French Touch Conference team on this unique startup competition; we immediately thought about Stringcan!
— Gaël Duval, CEO + Founder – La French Touch Conference


Directly behind the cockpit of the OpenSkies 747 traveling from Paris to New York City something happened for the first time. Seven of the leaders in French Tech eco-system including Axelle Lemaire the French Secretary of State sat down with each of the seven early stage startups for seven minutes. A delegation of American and French journalist covered the world wide first and for 6.5 hours the French startup eco-system on the way to New York City focused on the super star French startups of the future. 

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