Early Stage Startup VRTUOZ

Driving the Future of Virtual Reality 


VRTUOZ’s Mission 

How will we use Virtual reality in the future?! How will a form of technology that can transform our perception, remove barriers of distance, and create a space where possibilities are endless... change our culture and how we interact? Stringcan’s client VIRTUOZ is defining this future with their vision of Virtual Reality!  

VRTUOZ approached Stringcan when it became apparent that the VR revolution is being driven in the Western United States and access to this market was vital to fund raising, users acquisition, and partner development. We quickly took up the VRTUOZ mission and took them through our Minimal Viable Strategy (MVS) and Minimal Viable Branding (MVB) processes. 

Based on the core of the startup development approach called the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approach– our MVS and MVB process help European companies quickly and cost effectively focus on their audience, competitors and industry in the US. We aim to define a strategy and branding approach that will allow them to access the US market quickly and effectively with a mindset focused on learning, adapting and implementing changes.


We’ll let VRUTOZ talk about working with Stringcan…

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