Are You at Slush? You should be!

Described by Ambarish Mitra, CEO of Blippar as “ONE OF THE BEST KEPT SECRETS” Stringcan reveals, what exactly is Slush and why you should be interested.

What is Slush?

This week we would like to introduce the upcoming Slush event in Helsinki. Described as "Burning man meets TED", the conference welcomes the brightest minds all over the world to, quite frankly, the coldest part of Europe. This year the event will host 15,000 attendees, 1,700 startups, 630 journalists, and the best part - over 800 investors

The event will be held from November 30th - December 1st 2016


Who is speaking at the event?

Apart from the cold weather, the event promises a superb lineup of speakers, including Chris Sacca (Founder and Chairman at Lowercase Capital), Arielle Zuckerberg (Partner at Klein Perkins) Daniel Ek (Founder of Spotify) and Niklas Zennström (Co-Founder of Skype & Atmico) The list just goes on and on! Get the full list & bio here

The event will host 6 stages, one will be entirely for the Pitching competition, the other will welcome founders, investors and the media to share their stories in fireside chats and keynotes. The remaining stages will see tech experts sparking a dialogue on the future and sharing their stories with, not only the audience, but the whole world through on day live event streaming! So if you can’t make the event, don’t worry - the tech savvy event accommodates to all!

In correlation to the main Slush event, there is a “Slush Music” conference which welcomes 1,500 Music and Tech influencers to accelerate the growth of the industry. In this event you will see speakers Imogen Heap (Artist, Founder of Myselia for Music and MiMu Musical Gestural Glove System), Matt Helders (Drummer of Arctic Monkeys and Investor), Chris Barton (Founder of Shazam) and many more! Visit for the full list.

Slush 2016

How does it benefit startups?

As you can already see, the event welcomes the brightest minds in the tech world to not only discuss the future of the industry, but to also invest into Startups that will stand out on the day.

The event facilitates networking between investors and startups. Called the “Matchmaking tool”, the event allows Startups to request and pre-book appointments with investors, executives and the media! Slush boasts that since 2013, the meetings have resulted in more than half a billion dollars in venture capital investments.

Apart from the meetings, the event hosts the “Slush 100 pitching competition” which presents 100 best seed-stage companies of Slush on stage, and allows top-tier venture capitalists to invest in the winner. Last year, Slush saw the largest pitching competition prize of its kind in the world, with the equity investment of €650,000. Finally Slush accommodates Demo booths to over 300 companies who want to showcase their products to investors, media and other Slush attendees.

If you are at the event this week, tweet us a picture @StringCanEU so we can share all the fun you're having!

Not only is Slush a great opportunity for Networking, Slush Music was described as having “The Energy of a Music Festival” by Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable. So join in the fun, tweet us and uncover “One of the hidden jewels of planet earth” - Manny Fernandez 2014 SF Angel Investor of The Year.

Fiona English