Startups Calling #4 - Event Recap

Last week, Stringcan had the pleasure to co-host the fourth edition of Startups Calling focused on fundraising with Remix Coworking.

credit: @Philine23 and @markerpower

credit: @Philine23 and @markerpower

After an introduction speech by Anthony Gutman, co-founder and associate director at Remix Coworking, and Jason McDonald, Director of Stringcan Europe, the event moved forward with Rebecca Hoisington NeffEconomic Counselor U.S. Embassy in Pariswho spoke about the bright future for startups thanks to the french entrepreneurial ecosystem focusing more and more on creating a healthy startup environment

The audience sat comfortably in a Remix Coworking conference room and listened to Mounia Rkha, Seed Club Manager at ISAI Seed Club, a venture capital which provides support to digital companies. She spoke about the difficulty of raising funds when it comes to creating and developing your own company. She also generously opened up her office to entrepreneurs in the crowd who have question or wanted to discuss their projects. High potential startups, grab your smartphones, tablets or laptops!

Speaking of promising startups, Julien Delpech, cofounder and CEO at Invivox “the first and unique worldwide platform connecting medical specialists for in situ training”, gave his advice for successful startups. His strategy and sense of humour created a very engaging and entertaining atmosphere for entrepreneurs.

Nowadays, it’s unthinkable to launch a company without thinking digital. Our second speaker, Marc Rougier, partner at Elaia Partners and founder and president at, made that point crystal clear. By reviewing step by step his own journey, he also gave attendees guidance on the benefits of failure and the importance of persistence when creating a business, especially when embarking on the startup adventure.

Finally, before ending a wonderful event, Evan Burfield, cofounder at 1776 fresh off the plane from DC, blessed us with an amazing presentation that dove deeply into the mechanics of financing startups. “1776 is a global incubator program and seed fund focused on startups tackling important challenges in education, health, energy, the environment, transportation, and cities.” Without notes, Burfield for several minutes spoke of the important insider information that supported a successful fundraising round. He gave us his vision of “helping startups” while providing the way he manages his business in the US. An interesting and different speech, but still compatible with the previous ones.

This concludes our fourth edition of this event! We thank everyone who  came to Startups Calling #4 Money, Money, Money.

See you guys next time for Startups Calling #5! In the meantime, stay in touch with us on Twitter @StringCanEU

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