How a robot became a team member

Artificial Intelligence is technology’s newest vantage, and will soon be a resource for every industry. BPI France’s France is #AI September 16-18, sponsored by Stringcan, is a conference dedicated to all things #AI, gathering all of its major players. The two days will be filled with panels, discussions, workshops, networking, as well as an AI startup competition whose winner will gain direct acceptance to StartX, the notable Stanford accelerator.


One of Stringcan’s goals as a company is to explore new technologies for their clients and internal needs. One of the most exciting technology sectors currently exploding is AI and so sponsoring this event was a no brainer for Stringcan.


If you would like to attend the event, space is limited so reserve your seat today!


In honor of the upcoming “France is #AI”, we’d like to share with you this article about AI that we use every day in the Stringcan office...Julie Desk.

Gone are the days where being a personal assistant means being on company payroll. Just last month, at the VivaTech annual fair, Julien Hobeika, co-founder and CEO of Julie Desk, told Jason McDonald, Director of Stringcan and Chair of NextGen at AmCham France, just how he made that statement our current reality.

Julie is your new artificial intelligence scheduling assistant. By CC’ing Julie into any email thread, she is able to take over the whole conversation with your contact, and set up a meeting with them. Why? So you don’t have to. Julie Desk has access to your calendar, meaning she can suggest your contact several meeting times, and then automatically enter the chosen time into your schedule.


Julie’s not like the other girls, she’s different. Just like with any other artificially intelligent software, the creation of Julie Desk involved a lot of NLPs (natural language processing, machine learning, etc.) But the key factor that makes Julie Desk original, Julien Hobeika stresses, is actually knowing that artificial intelligence is not perfect, and so there is a paid human supervisor just in case mistakes do happen.


For many, the French are the current world leaders of the Artificial Intelligence industry, and the country holds some of its most important conferences, such as VivaTech as well as BPI France’s: France is #AI conference in September. Sometimes people are still reluctant when it comes to new AI software. “Right now, we are not ready to give complete power to an AI for it to be autonomous because we don’t know how to give complete responsibility to the machine yet”, states Julien Hobeika. Once you do trust the machine though, there are many benefits in particular time-saving and organizational efficiency. Jason McDonald, who is an enthusiastic Julie Desk user, is continually impressed by Julie’s ability to set up meeting times that work both for him and his colleagues in different time zones.


So what should we be expecting next from Julie?

Several new features have just been launched, Hobeika recounts. Julie will now follow up automatically with your contact if they did not answer her. For companies with conference rooms, Julie will be able to reserve the room for on-site meetings. Julie will also be able to book restaurants for lunch meetings. What’s left for you to do? Show up....

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