(App)ly Yourself in the American Market

People are always asking us the best way to connect with US mobile users, so we decided to create a list of the top mobile apps we think you should consider when marketing to Americans. Today, the majority of media consumption takes place on mobile apps; in the U.S., apps account for over 50% of consumers’ time using digital media. This relatively new mobile-centric and app driven market presents marketers with new opportunities to connect to clients – whether it be through the creation of a new app or trying to connect to consumers via an existing app.

Even though the average American smartphone user spends more than 30 hours a month on mobile apps, they often have less than 27 apps downloaded; meaning, content matters! One study showed that while other countries tended value communication/messaging apps most, the U.S. preferred social media apps. Luckily, social media is both an effective and efficient way to advertise and engage with consumers.

Here are some of the top apps you should consider when trying to create an online identity and connect with American clientele:

The Facebook App in the US:

Social media is an essential to our personal lives and identities; the same should apply for our businesses! Like most social media sites with a business page feature, Facebook allows businesses to create and manage a profile, accumulate an audience through likes, share and post, create advertisements, and then measure and adjust its approach. Not to mention is it the most used and downloaded application in America!

America and the Google Search App:

Like most of the world, Google is the number one search engine in the U.S., not only that, the app itself ranks among the most downloaded smartphone apps in America. So, using SEO strategies for Google is critical to gaining brand attention and generating traffic to your site.

Americans and Twitter App :

Twitter, is one of America’s top applications among Instagram and Facebook.  It’s 140-character micro-blogging space allows for business to generate attention and engage, converse, or respond to consumers through short and rapid blurbs of text.

The Google + App in the US:

Google + is not the most populated or competitive application available today, but still ranks among the top downloaded apps in the U.S. and provides it’s users with some valuable perks. This app not only allows businesses to form online communities with others based on mutual interests but everything posted by the business’ page is then index by Google, making it more likely to be found on Google Search.

The Networked US with the LinkedIn App:

Mainly used as a networking application, LinkedIn allows businesses to create profiles and form connections to individuals and other enterprises. Relatively, this app is regarded as more professional approach to marketing and making contacts than the other applications.

Snapchat an American Application :

This 10 seconds or less photo-sharing application may seem unhelpful for people trying to get their brand across to customers, but the “once only” viewing ability forces users to pay closer attention to the content being presented. Today, Snapchat is used by 26 million Americans (mostly ages 16-35); making it a powerful and targeted tool for any business. Using this app companies have the ability to engage with costumers more casually, who knows Snapchat might be the perfect way to help your business stand out from competitors.

Jason McDonald