3 Ways The Podcast “With A Mentor” Will Make You a Better Business Person

Have you ever wanted to get advice from a CEO about your next business move? Or wanted to talk to a successful start up founder about a new business idea? Unfortunately, access to the most successful corporate business leaders and startup founders is hard to come by. “With a Mentor” solves that problem. “With a Mentor” is an 8-part podcast mini-series brought to you by NextGen, a committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in France (AmCham). Hosted by our own Jason McDonald, the Director of Stringcan, “With a Mentor” is made up of mentorship sessions with some of the biggest names in corporate business and startups.

Here are three ways this podcast will make you better in business:



Being part of a startup is incredible. You have the opportunity to work with amazing people to build something significant. It’s a roller coaster with many ups, downs and lots of questions. “With a Mentor” is a great opportunity to get answers from experts about those elusive questions. In the mentorship session with, Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku, we find out how he grew from four co-founders to 48 employees in just two years. Florian’s mentorship session is a detailed look into the mind of a successful growing startup founder. 



Today, successful business leaders have to be able to navigate the increasingly global obstacle course set in front of them every day. World-class leaders will most likely work all over the world with teams from a number of different cultures and backgrounds. In the mentorship session with Chris Kramme, Head of EMEA Corporate Network at BNP Paribas, he talks about doing business in a global market and the “under the surface” values that drive local business. Navigating the inner workings of a large international business can be difficult, Chris’s episode is full of information to make this more manageable? 




The aim of “With a Mentor” is to get into the mindset, attitudes and philosophies of todays business leaders for the benefit of the next generation of leaders. In the first session of “With a Mentor” with, Alain Bénichou, Global Vice President of Strategy & Solutions of IBM, he discusses how he became a world-class manager through education and practice. Throughout the mentorship session, many questions are discussed like: Driving success with a global team, coaching employees not managing them and how Alain stay focused despite his demanding schedule. 


StringCan Europe has been a leader in helping start ups become global by providing focused digital strategies with world class implementation. Stringcan’s partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in France is an extension of it’s work helping companies expand their market. AmCham NextGen strives to be the link between generations, between large corporations and startups, and between two sides of the Atlantic. Subscribe to “With a Mentor” to see who we are speaking to next. If you would like some further information on the mentor sessions, check out Jason McDonald’s article in the Frech Tech focused magazine Rude Baguette about how 3 business leaders changed the way he thinks about employees in his business.

Jason McDonald