Ann Livingston

Chief Of Operations Officer

Ann grew up in 10 different cities, 6 countries and on 3 continents. She is the international gem of our team here at Stringcan. Apart from her love for languages (she is fluent in Spanish, French & English) she enjoys traveling and reading French literature.

At Stringcan, Ann not only ensures the smooth internal flow of the company, she also leads the strategic, management and operational planning. After her bachelor degree, Ann lived in New York for a few years before returning to Paris in order to take on a Masters at SciencesPo in Economic Law. 

Having been a part of Stringcan for almost two years, she particularly enjoys the international environment which the company encompasses. Being Franco-American, she perfectly matches the Stringcan profile... to be continued


Stringcan focuses on digital transformation and communication - concentrating on removing barriers between people and technology - with offices in the US and Paris